Participating Countries

Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland


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Louisiana Declaration

Louisiana Declaration by Nordic Council Ministers – on a free and open market

Common regulation

Common Nordic regulation power market.

Working Group

Electricity Market Group established


NordREG announces vision of one common retail market within 2010.

Action plan

Nordic Action Plan for a borderless electricity market passed in Umeå.

Common measures

Common issues and measures that can further improve cooperation are identified. Special attention towards secure electricity supply and a well functioning electricity market.

End-User Market

Establishment of a common Nordic end-user market for electricity

Louisiana Declaration

Common regulation

Working Group


Action plan

Common measures

End-User Market


  • Provided policy advice on request to top-level officials in the Nordic region, primarily to the Ministers for Energy in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
  • Supported the implementation of policy focusing on the harmonisation of the Nordic Electricity market for over 10 years.
Full working group title: Nordic Working Group for the Electricity Market

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Working Group:

Electricity Market Group

The Electricity Market Group is a working group under the Nordic Council of Ministers, where Nordic Energy Research acts as a secretariat. The group commissions analyses and provides advice to the Energy Ministers of the Nordic countries. The working group consists of experts from the Ministries and energy authorities of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – the four Nordic countries participating in the common Nordic electricity market.

Working Group objectives

  • Work towards a free and open market with efficient trade with neighbouring markets.
  • Assist in developing the Nordic electricity market into an effective and well-functioning market with a sufficient number of actors, high security of supply, equal competitive conditions, environmentally friendly practices, transparency and incentives for a price elastic electricity consumption in concurrence with the Nordic Council of Minister’s decisions.
  • Follow up on suggestions from Ministers and coordinating the implementation of decisions in the area of electricity markets.


The Nordic countries have the most harmonised cross-border electricity market in the world. It has, over time and through several important policy milestones, consolidated and merged four distinct national markets into one single and common market. Though there are still issues to be resolved, it should be acknowledged that the Nordic electricity market nonetheless serves as an example for other actors such as the EU. The electricity market group aims to establish a free and open market with efficient trade with neighbouring markets.

Focus Areas

  • Nordic grid investments and plans
  • Integration of renewable energy in the Nordic electricity market
  • Developing a common Nordic end user market
  • Strengthening the Nordic electricity market based on experiences from price peaks during the winter of 2009/2010
  • How the Nordic electricity market functions

The role of Nordic Energy Research

Nordic Energy Research functions as a secretariat for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ working groups for electricity markets, renewable energy and scarcely populated areas. These working groups consist of experts from public institutions in the five Nordic countries, who commission analyses for and provide advice to support Nordic Ministerial cooperation in energy issues. In addition to the Electricity Market Group, Nordic Energy Research is responsible for the working groups for renewable energy, wind power, and for sparsely populated areas.

To see the current members of the group, visit the working group’s webpage.