The Flex4RES team gathered for a workshop in serene and beautiful surroundings at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences during the last couple of days of August, 2016. The workshop, joined by both Flex4RES partners and Advisory Board members, provided insights on current technological, systems and regulatory aspects of flexibility. Furthermore, Flex4RES work package leaders presented the current status and planned work of the project. The semi-annually consortium meeting followed the workshop with lively discussions on data collection, analysis of framework conditions, the expansions of the Balmorel model and much more.  Together, the Flex4RES partners refined the action plans of the next 6 months and set the course forward towards the next milestones. The workshop has fuelled the group and they are now at full steam ahead to reach their next project goals. Additionally, the group is about to publish its first report, containing important analysis of barriers to district heating flexibility in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The report will be available in October this year!

The next Flex4RES workshop is in Copenhagen, 17th January 2017 about the design of the future power market – please contact the Flex4RES team if you would like to join it.