Hans Jørgen Koch joins Nordic Energy Research as Executive Director.

Koch comes from the position as Deputy Permanent Secretary of State, International Director General, The Energy Agency, Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building, Denmark.

He has been a leading voice in the international energy arena since he was appointed Deputy Permanent Secretary, Director General in the department of The Ministry of Energy in Denmark in 1982.

From 1994 to 2002, he held the position as Director of Energy Efficiency, Renewables, Technology and R&D at the International Energy Agency (IEA/OECD) in Paris.

Koch has served as chairman or member of a number of boards and committees in the international energy co-operation in particular in EU, IEA/OECD, IRENA, IAEA and The Nordic Council of Ministers(NCM). He has served as chairman of the energy committee of NCM in five 1-year terms.