Welcome to the Nordic Green Transport Forum on 7 May, in Göteborg! On behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Energy Research is organising the forum as part of the programme Green Transition of the Transport Sector. The five projects funded within the programme, which address transportation aspects such as energy policy, electrification, and development of biofuels and PtX, will set the scene for the forum.

By sharing the results of the five projects, the forum will facilitate cooperation across the Nordic transport sector and thereby contribute to a more integrated and sustainable Nordic region.

The full-day forum is open for participation by all, including politicians, private companies, industry, authorities, interest organisations, researchers, students, among others.

Exact time, venue, and programme of the forum will be announced shortly.

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Photo credit: Jonathan Noack via Unsplash.


Green transport by land, sea, and air plays an important role for the Nordic Council of Ministers‘ vision of making the Nordic region the world’s most integrated and sustainable region by 2030. Thus, the Green Transition of the Transport Sector Programme aims to support the vision by promoting the added value of Nordic cross-sectoral transport cooperation.

As the programme comes to an end in 2024, new knowledge has been generated through five research projects:

Based on the progress of these projects, the forum aims to create a solid foundation for Nordic stakeholders from various disciplines to work more closely together in the future. In this context, the forum will help to extend the project achievements into 2025–2030 and clarify reasonable areas for future Nordic cooperation regarding the transport sector.


The day after the forum, on 8 May, a half-day workshop will be organised by invitation only. Workshop participants will meet to summarise the forum and formulate recommendations for future collaboration.

The outcome of the workshop, based on input from the forum, will be communicated and made available to the public. Make sure to follow Nordic Energy Research on Linkedin as well as subscribe to our newsletter to get firsthand access to the findings from the sessions!

Time, venue, and programme of the workshop will be announced shortly.

If you want more information or have any questions, please contact Higher Executive Officer Ditte Stiler or Communications Adviser Elina Sjölinder.