The PhD course Introduction to Balmorel (2018) is now open for registration.

You will learn how to perform analyses with the energy system model, Balmorel. Balmorel is an open source model used in Flex4RES and has been used in a wide range of analyses documented in project reports available on the model website and in journal papers. Balmorel is a model that both include the power system and district heating systems. It is implemented as an optimization model, mainly linear with integer elements according to options.

The course comprises six days of lectures, student presentations, discussions and assignments. More specifically the course will cover the following themes:
– Background and overview of Balmorel
– Balmorel and other models – how do we choose
– Equations in Balmorel including slack variables
– Add-ons
– Options and aggregation
– Boundaries
– Policies
– Data structuring
– Error search
– Input and Output handling
– Version tracking

The course will be held on 20 April 2018 at DTU (Denmark).

To read more please follow the link to DTU Course Base: Introduction to Balmorel

Sign up for the course using one of the following links: as PhD students or as Professionals.

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