Pictured: electric ferry Future of The Fjords. Credit: Brodrene AA

According to the ITF World Transport Outlook 2017, emissions from maritime transport could increase by 60 percent by 2050, despite expected significant technology progress.

In April 2018, The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) agreed to 50 percent reduction by 2050 compared to 2018 levels as their response to the Paris agreement. How should this reduction be achieved? What kind of solutions and policies can deliver these reductions?

This event focused on what kind of policies needed to be put in place to achieve deep emission reductions in the maritime sector. Technical measures, alternative fuels as well as electrification of maritime transportation was discussed. This side-event brought together representatives from the maritime industry, NGOs, International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and members of the European ferry electrification initiative called E-Ferry. What can these measures look like, and what policies are needed? Can electrification and electro-fuels play a significant role in decarbonising the maritime sector?



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