On October 25th the three Nordic flagship projects convened in Göteborg, Sweden, to exchange ideas and plan the road forward.  This was the first time that not just the project leaders, but also the researchers, have come together to discuss their work with each other.

As the projects near completion and results begin to come to the fore, it’s an exciting time for everyone involved.  Common themes are beginning to emerge between the projects.  The need for systems-oriented action is clear; we need to think in terms of how the entire energy system works, not just how to solve isolated energy problems, and to cooperate across national boundaries to achieve our energy goals. This means cooperation on both the research level, and on the political level.

Incentives and new energy policies were also named as essential elements for transitioning to green, renewable solutions in industry, electrical grids and transport.  The findings now emerging from all three Flagship projects show that this transition is possible on a technical level, what is needed is the will, and the right incentives, to make that transition a reality.

To learn more about the three flagship projects click the links below.  The pages will be regularly updated as new findings and other material is released.

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