Nordic Energy Research is currently inviting bids for a study on the Baltic energy system and GHG-emissions, Baltic Energy Technology Scenarios (BENTE)

The focus area for this task is to examine different scenarios for how the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) can achieve their climate and energy targets in the most cost efficient way. The study will build on NERs work with, and supplement, the Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 (NETP 2016). Therefore, the study will use modelling tools that will produce an analysis comparable to the NETP 2016. Based on the Baltic climate and energy targets there will be different development scenarios created for comparison, including one scenario that examines how a closer integration with the Nordic energy system would evolve.

The purpose of the study is to be a contribution to the Baltic countries’ efforts to achieve their 2030 Climate and energy targets in the most cost efficient way, while contributing to the EU goals and obligations for 2030 on climate, emissions and renewable shares of the region by:

  • Collecting data on GHG emissions, energy resources and energy systems, policy measures in the Baltic Region and the neighbouring regions
  • Using this data to analyse scenarios to get an understanding of how to reach the Baltic climate and energy targets in the most cost efficient way, for example how regional cooperation may affect the cost of reaching the individual RES targets
  • Making the data collected and results of analysis accessible to a large audience/anyone interested

The results of the study will be provided as input for the Baltic States preparations of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans to be submitted to the EC.


The maximum value of the project is 1,92 million NOK ex VAT.
Deadline for delivering tender is set at 30.03.2017 at 12:00 CET (See revision).

Please follow the link below to get the tendering documents in which you will also find contact details:

Tender in ENGLISH

BENTE – Baltic Energy Technology Scenarios