Nordic Energy Research invites to tender for the project Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios 2020 (NCES2020).

The project will deliver neutral, un-biased, non-prescriptive analysis to provide solid, scientific input to the political debate on energy technology and a carbon neutral Nordic region.

It will develop carbon neutral Nordic scenarios and CO2 pathways, that are compatible with limiting climate change to below 1.5oC, to assist the efforts expressed by the Nordic prime ministers “to assessing in 2020 the scenarios for how the Nordic countries can achieve carbon neutrality, including implications for various sectors”, as it is expressed in their “Declaration on Nordic Carbon Neutrality” from 25 January 2019.

NCES2020 shall contribute to strengthening Nordic cooperation and expertise in energy modelling; further develop cooperation between Nordic energy modellers and energy model research communities; provide a comprehensive overview of energy technologies, their costs, greenhouse gas mitigation potential and resource potentials. In addition, the project aims to improve the sharing of data and statistics among the Nordic countries and its research communities and facilitate the promotion of Nordic energy technologies.

The key deliverable of NCES2020 will be a report examining how Nordic carbon neutrality can be achieved in the most cost-effective manner. It builds on Nordic Energy Research’s Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016.

The Invitation to tender was published in the Norwegian database for public procurement, Doffin, on 11th November 2019 and in TED, the European public procurement supplement to the Official Journal on 12th November 2019.

You can access, download the documents and apply through TED following this link.

You can access, download the documents and apply through Doffin following this link.

The deadline for application is 16 December 2019.