Annual Conference Top Level Research Initiative

This year the annual conference for the Top Level Research Initiative will be held in Helsinki, Finland

  • Day 1: Policy-day
    The day focuses on an overall debate on expected results of the Top-level Research Initiative and their impact on Nordic policy development within climate, energy and environment. Researchers, politicians and business are expected to be present at the day’s event. The aim is to have a panel discussion among the day’s speakers to round up the day.


  • Day 2: TRI-programme day with dissemination of results
    Day two focuses on the actual activities in the various research programmes under the Top-level Research Initiative. The main focus will be on achieved and expected results. Project leaders from the 6 research programmes will all be present.

Time: 29th – 30th October 2012

Place: Finlandia Hall, Helsinki

Programme will be published September 2012. It will also be available on

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Location: Helsinki, Finland