Welcome to a workshop on Nordic Energy Equality!

Date and time: 25 September 12:00 – 26 September 15:00

Venue: Klub, Linnésgade 25, 1361 Copenhagen

Conference language: English

Nordic Energy Research, together with NordForsk and Nordic Innovation, aim to build a Nordic business network to aid the promotion of gender equality and diversity in energy related areas in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We wish to contribute to including gender and diversity perspectives on the solutions being developed to reach climate goals, and to develop tools to educate academia and industry on the benefits of diversity in the work place in all level.

We wish to bring together people who are interested in discussing measures to improve gender balance and promoting diversity in energy related matters in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It is our aspiration that this workshop will contribute to this work and to develop a network where people can exchange their knowledge and experiences on this theme.

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Location: Copenhagen