Shift will develop and apply tools that integrate poorly understood factors – modal shifts, fuel options, new business models and consumer behaviour – into scenario modelling, and carry out in-depth analysis of two key areas: long-haul freight and urban passenger transport.

Shift is led by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and state of the art researchers from DTU Technical University of Denmark, TOI Institute of Transport Economics and Rise Viktoria.

At the heart of the project lies a strong collaboration with three nordic think tanks all oriented towards sustainability and working to influence policy, Swedish Fores, Norwegian Zero, and Danish Concito, as well as with Energiforsk.

Shift has strong bonds to stakeholders in industry and in the policy arena and aims to keep an ear to the ground throughout the project by continuously taking stock with target groups as well as the research community and the Shift advisory board.

Ultimately, the project will inform smarter transport and energy policy.