Within Flex4RES the following papers are available:

33 published journal articles and book chapters,
22 peer reviewed, published conference papers,
11 reports,
15 forthcoming journal articles under review

on subjects related to the transition to flexible, decarbonised energy systems based increasingly on variable renewables. If you do not have direct access to the articles, please do not hesitate to contact the authors that would be pleased to send you a copy.


K. Skytte, C. Bergaentzlé, F. Fausto, P.A. Gunkel, Flexible Nordic Energy Systems. Summary Report, 2019. 120 p. Nordic Energy Research, https://www.nordicenergy.org/article/act-fast-and-nordic-while-paving-the-way-for-carbon-neutrality/ ISBN: 978-87-93458-65-9

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Published journal articles & books

Arabzadeh, S. Pilpola, and P. D. Lund, Coupling Variable Renewable Electricity Production to the Heating Sector through Curtailment and Power-to-heat Strategies for Accelerated Emission Reduction, Futur. Cities Environ., vol. 5, no. 1, Jan. 2019. DOI:10.5334/fce.58

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Ekström, M. Koivisto, I. Mellin, R. J. Millar, and M. Lehtonen, A statistical modeling methodology for long-term wind generation and power ramp simulations in new generation locations, Energies, vol. 11, no. 9, Sep. 2018. DOI:10.3390/en11092442

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Wiese et al., Balmorel open source energy system model, Energy Strateg. Rev., vol. 20, pp. 26–34, Apr. 2018. DOI:10.1016/j.esr.2018.01.003


Forthcoming (by August 2019) peer-reviewed articles

Bazbauers, Power sector flexibility through power-to-heat and power-to-gas application, Submitted for publication.

Bergaentzlé, K. Skytte, and P. A. Gunkel, Comparative analysis of cross-border and cross-sector approaches for flexibility in the Nordic countries, Submitted for publication.

Bolwig et al., Transition pathways to a flexible and carbon-neutral energy system in the Nordic-Baltic region: Coupling techno-economic modelling and socio-technical analyses, Submitted for publication.

Y.-K. Chen, H. Koduvere, P.A. Gunkel, J.G. Kirkerud, K. Skytte, H. Ravn, T.F. Bolkesjø The role of cross-border power transmission in a renewable-rich power system – a model analysis for Northwestern Europe,  Submitted for publication.

Y.-K. Chen, A. Hexeberg, K.E. Rosendahl, T.F. Bolkesjø, Review on long-term trends of North-West European power market. Submitted for publication.

Fausto and K. Skytte, Power Purchase Agreements and the Energy Only Market: A Hybrid Design for Future Decarbonized Power Markets, Submitted for publication.

Graested Jensen, F. Wiese, R. Bramstoft, and M. Münster, Potential role of renewable gas in the transition of electricity and district heating systems, Submitted for publication.

A. Gunkel, H. Ravn, S. Petrovic, F. Fausto, H. Koduvere, and J. G. Kirkerud, Modelling transmission systems in energy system analysis: a comparative study, Submitted for publication.

Jasiünas, J. Mikkola, P.D. Lund, Review on energy system resilience. Submitted for publication.

G. Kirkerud, N. O. Nagel, and T. F. Bolkesjø, The role of demand response in the future renewable Northern European energy system, Submitted for publication.

Koduvere, S. Buchholz, and H. Ravn, Constructing aggregated time series data for energy system model analyses, Submitted for publication.

D. Lund, V. Arabzadeh, J. Mikkola, and J. Jasiunas, Deep decarbonization of urban energy systems through renewable energy and sector-coupling flexibility strategies, Submitted for publication.

D. Lund et al., Pathway analysis of a zero-emission transition in the Nordic-Baltic region, Submitted for publication.

Skytte, C. Bergaentzlé, and O. J. Olsen, Grid tariffs that facilitate flexible use of power-to-heat., Submitted for publication.

Sorknæs, H. Lund, I.R. Skov, S. Djørup, K. Skytte, P.E. Morthorst, Smart Energy Markets – future electricity, gas and heating markets. Submitted for publication.


Published conference articles

Bergaentzlé, K. Skytte, J-G. Kirkerud, and O-J. Olsen, Electrification and Interconnections for Flexibility: A Comparative Analysis, in 2019 16th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM). IEEE Xplore

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In Energy Policycast, Flex4RES results are disseminated in a straightforward (and geeky) way. With host D. M. Sneum. Available: https://energypolicycast.podbean.com/ or https://www.nordicenergy.org/flagship/flex4res/flex4res-podcasts/

Available episodes:

  1. Fausto, D.M. Sneum, Power Purchase Agreements – Good for the energy system – and for old ladies.
  2. Lund, D.M. Sneum, Policies for flexibility: A Flex4RES perspective. What have violins to do with flexibility and sector coupling?
  3. K. Skytte, D.M. Sneum, The future Nordic energy system. Water as storage and flexibility provider – flushing batteries away.


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