Food Waste to Biofuels

The Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland) generate around 10 million tons of food waste every year, excluding cereal straw. Most of the food waste is generated in households, with some 5 million tons of annual generation. In addition, some 25 million tons of cereal straw is generated in the Nordic countries, of which less than 10 million tons is estimated to be available for utilization.

The purpose of this report is threefold:
1. Data on the amounts and current utilization of Nordic food waste
2. Detect waste sources and technology routes for food waste-to-transport fuels
3. Detect contributors and barriers for increasing the use of food waste for transport fuels and policy

Author: Pöyry Management Consulting Oy
Publish date: 2019-04-05
Language: English

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