The potential for electrofuels production in Sweden utilizing fossil and biogenic CO2 point sources.

In this paper we estimate the Swedish technical potential for electrofuels (power-to-gas/fuels) based on domestic carbon capture and utilization. If all the recoverable carbon dioxide (CO2) from all major point sources of CO2 emissions from industrial and combustion processes in Sweden were used to produce electrofuels, the yield would correspond to 2–3 times the current Swedish demand for transportation fuels. The conclusion is that renewable electricity and production costs, rather than CO2 supply, limit the potential for production of electrofuels in Sweden.

Author: Hansson, J., Hackl, R., Taljegård, M., Brynolf, S., Grahn, M., (2017).
Publish date: 2017-05-12
Language: English

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