In contrast to continuously increasing global energy demand, resource availability is diminishing ever so quickly. Maximizing resources utilization thus is an important consideration in today’s energy economy. Biorefineries which deal with the conversion of biogenic materials into power, heat, fuels and value added products are a concept which not only maximizes the use of resources, but also provides a valuable solution to waste disposal problems.

In line with above, the current project is a part of an existing integrated biorefinery PhD project and targets to assess two major biomass conversion processes, where one process deals with forest residue gasification for bioelectricity, and the other process is based on anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste for bioelectricity. The project involves three PhD students and one PostDoc from Norway and Estonia, who will perform various experimental and computational modeling activities during their mobility in different institutions, and exchange obtained results to boost their own research projects as well as to meet objectives of the current proposal.

While meeting the researcher mobility goals, the outcome of the present project will be directly applicable to the existing research projects for all researchers involved and pave the way to generate projects within the bigger platforms in both national and international levels.