The project Concepts of ammonia/hydrogen engines for marine application (CAHEMA) investigates innovative injection and combustion strategies using ammonia and hydrogen in combination, to achieve Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition (RCCI) and Direct-injection dual fuel stratification (DDFS) for marine engines with these fuels.

The project combines advanced computational models and experimental techniques to develop these engine concepts, and assess the potential environmental, economic, and regulatory impacts.

CAHEMA hypothesizes that marine engines could use a combination of ammonia and hydrogen as fuels, based on new engine concepts, to operate successfully and without the emission of large amounts of pollutants and GHG. To prove this, the project will analyze chemical reactions, and establish computational models that can predict these reactions. Knowledge of the chemical reactions will allow the project to simulate the physical processes taking place in an engine using computational models. Finally, the concepts developed herein will be proven with engine experiments, and their environmental impact will be assessed.