The project Hydrogen fuel cells solutions in shipping in relation to other low carbon options – a Nordic perspective (HOPE) addresses how regional shipping in the Nordic region can do the transition to become fossil-free by clarifying the potential role of hydrogen based marine solutions in reducing the Nordic greenhouse gas emissions.

HOPE will present a ship concept design where a typical vessel with operating distances of around 100 nautical miles is designed for including operation with hydrogen as fuel and fuel cells for energy conversion. The state of the art for alternative marine fuels and propulsion options is also outlined and the assessed concept is compared to other fuel options.  

The assessment include costs and barriers for the fuel system, as well as environmental impact. The potential for the production and use of these fuels in the Nordic region will be reviewed from a shipping point of view. The project also assesses drivers and barriers for increasing uptake of hydrogen and fuel cells in the Nordic maritime sector and assess policy options for enabling the transition.