The project Material and Structural Integrity Assessment for safe Nordic Hydrogen Transportation Infrastructure (MatHias) is part of the programme Nordic Hydrogen Valleys as Energy Hubs

Developing a safe hydrogen transport infrastructure is of mutual interest for the Nordic countries. Pipelines provide the option for regional and inter-regional large-scale transport and storage of pressurized hydrogen gas. A key threat to the safety of hydrogen pipelines is embrittlement, caused by hydrogen ingress into the steel making the pipelines prone to brittle fracture. Low (freezing) temperatures that prevail in the Nordic region may further increase the embrittlement. The project will

  • Identify and benchmark a matrix of vintage and modern pipeline steels,
  • characterize the steels by applying state-of-the-art test methods in relevant environmental conditions,
  • build a material database with mechanical properties and microstructural features as a function of hydrogen and temperature, and finally
  • develop a predictive structural integrity assessment tool that will assist pipeline operators to select appropriate steels, assess lifetime and schedule maintenance for Nordic hydrogen pipelines.

A joint review of the project work will be performed by all participants, and a common testing and modelling protocol for Nordic hydrogen pipelines will be drafted.

Project manager of MatHias is Vigdis Olden.