The project “Establishment of Nordic-Baltic PhD and researcher mobility network in the field of the bioenergy” will create an internationally recognized Nordic-Baltic mobility network for PhD students and researchers in the field of bioenergy. This network is for research and innovations related with the effective use of renewable energy sources, reduction of environmental pollution and rapid implementation of innovations in bioenergy sector.

The goal of the project “Establishment of Nordic-Baltic PhD and researcher mobility network in the field of bioenergy” (ReMoNet-Bioenergy) is to promote collaboration and coordination of energy research in the Baltic – Nordic Research Area, through mobility networking grants for PhD students and researchers.

The project activities of the Network will be concentrated on following topics:

  • Gasification and pyrolysis based on self-catalytic thermal conversation of bio-waste;
  • Pollutants emission reduction by biomass burning in gasification mode;
  • Energy storage systems and their integration into production processes;
  • Plasma assisted reaction chemistry during decomposition of natural and synthetic polymers.

In total 16 visits of PhD students and 16 visits of researchers are foreseen during the project.

Tasks of the Network:

  • prepare PhD and researchers in the field of bioenergy;
  • develop renewable energy technologies, which enable implementation of break-through solutions in the field of bioenergy;
  • provide favourable environment for the transfer of scientific know-how to the business sector;
  • increase the share of energy obtained from local, renewable bio-sources and energy-from-bio-waste in the country’s energy balance, as well as solve engineering and relevant energy development tasks in terms of impact on the environment

The knowledge, skills and competencies acquired and utilised by the PhD students and researchers will significantly enhance the career opportunities and employability – in both academic and industrial settings.