Nordic Energy Challenge is an annual competition held by Nordic Energy Research, where all Nordic stakeholders with different profiles and expertise are invited to hand in proposals for innovative solutions that can contribute to solving a common Nordic societal challenge related to the energy sector. Up to this point, the challenge has been held for four years, which has brought a great selection of innovative solutions to light.

The themes that have defined the challenges so far are:

  • Green Energy Transition (2020)
  • Sustainable Transport (2021)
  • Energy in the Arctic (2022)
  • Energy and Security (2023)
  • Citizen Engagement (2024)

The challenge runs annually from March until September/October each year and is divided into three stages:

1. Call for Abstracts

2. Call for Final Proposals, and an

3. Award Ceremony

Three proficient Nordic experts are selected each year to attend a jury, responsible for assessing the quality of the proposals and selecting three finalists to attend the physical award ceremony.

Besides discovering innovative solutions and bringing them into the light, the purpose of the challenge is to recognise Nordic stakeholders that contribute positively to the sustainable development of the Nordic countries.

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