The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stressed the importance of carbon capture and storage in order to meet climate targets. But how can we work together to deliver success regarding CCUS? The answer to this question will be discussed at Nordic Energy Research’s fourth event at COP26.

On the Energy Day on November 8 at 04.15 pm–05.00pm (GMT), Nordic Energy Research is arranging the event Capturing a Golden Opportunity in partnership with Equinor, SSE, and Energinet. The event is going to showcase the existing opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration across the Nordic countries and Scotland on CCS. Drawing upon decades of respective experience at the leading edge of the global energy sector, the event speakers will discuss ways to accelerate the transition to net zero. This involves SSE and Equinor’s joint plans to develop the UK’s first CCS-equipped power station at Peterhead, and Denmark’s Energy Islands project and plans on CO2 storage infrastucture.

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In Glasgow, livestreamed at the Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki, and online


  • Klaus Skytte, CEO at Nordic Energy Research
  • Svend Søyland, Senior Adviser at Nordic Energy Research
  • Irene Rummelhoff, EVP at Equinor
  • Martin Pibworth, Energy and Commercial Director at SSE
  • Hanne Storm Edlefsen, Chief Strategic Planning at Energinet
  • Rune Volla, Director, Department of Energy at the Norwegian Research Council