The 22nd of May was the deadline for participation in Nordic Energy Challenge 2022. In total, Nordic Energy Research received nine solution proposals for this year’s Nordic Energy Challenge – Energy in the Arctic.

The project team at Nordic Energy Research has checked the eligibility of each proposal and seven submissions have been qualified for stage two and will be asked to submit a final proposal on August 11.

“Hydrogen and micro grids/storage are the recurring themes of the seven selected proposals. In general, the quality of each individual proposal is high – which is promising for the further selection process towards a winner,” says Klaus Skytte, CEO at Nordic Energy Research.

The seven selected proposals are:

  • The Arctic Hydrogen Strategy submitted by Alfred Arnborg
  • Reconfigurable community storage for arctic ENERGY ISLANDS submitted by Subham Sahoo, AAU Energy
  • RESTORING: Renewables and Energy STORage for Isolated Networks’ Greenification submitted by Elisabetta Tedeschi, NTNU
  • Renewable energy-hydrogen based microgrid for sustainable Arctic communities submitted by Qianwen Xu and Mengfan Zhang, KTH
  • Renewable fuel opportunities across the Arctic submitted by Winiarski P., Abrego Soderberg R., Kanerva J., Song J
  • Community energy submitted by Søren Hermansen, Samsø Energy Academy
  • Micro grids – Electricity grids powered by different sources submitted by Sonja Berlijn, KTH

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