The Nordic countries aim at being decarbonized, as part of their vision to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world. Co-operation that ensures secure, affordable, and clean energy is fundamental for achieving this.

The Nordic countries have a unique and long-standing co-operation on energy, which has created a solid foundation for the development of a sustainable and secure energy supply in the region.

Yet, in view of current unprecedented energy prices and geopolitical risks, it remains uncertain how energy supply chains, energy infrastructures, or sector integration across energy sectors can be made resilient to meet the demands of a decarbonized and secure Nordic region in the short and particularly in the long term. Velocity and the roadmap to a green Nordic region must therefore become reconciled with the security perspective.

Bring on your idea

Nordic Energy Research wants to shape innovative research and promote new ideas with exciting perspectives, which, in turn, can bring added value to the Nordic region. That’s where you come in!

We ask; how can we best solve the challenge of the Nordics becoming the most secure, sustainable, and integrated region in the world? And how can further Nordic energy cooperation facilitate the combination of high environmental ambitions with security perspectives by favoring a broad and strong commitment from the public, business, industry, and civil society?

We encourage all stakeholders to submit a contribution; companies from the energy sector or other sectors, researchers/academics, non-profit organizations, business and sectorial associations, think-tanks, students and individuals.

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Please submit your abstract to Ditte Stiler at to participate in Stage 1 of the Nordic Energy Challenge 2023.

You are also welcome to contact Ditte Stiler in case of enquiries or for further information.

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