Are you looking for an expert on wind power, smart grids, hydrogen, energy markets, or something else related to energy? And are you also interested in strengthening women’s representation in the energy sector? – then The List of Female Energy Experts published by Nordic Energy Equality Network might be useful to you.

The purpose of the list is to increase women’s visibility in the energy sector and to present role models to younger generations. The women, who appear on the list, are working in different branches of the Nordic energy sector, such as universities, research institutions, industry, and public authorities.

If you need a keynote speaker
Nordic Energy Equality Network and Nordic Energy Research encourage conference and event organizers as well as media and others who need an energy expert to use the list.

The list is not final and experts suggestions are much appreciated. So if you know someone, who should be on the list? Or if you are a female energy expert yourself – please send an email to Adviser Sofia Elamson at Nordic Energy Research.

Nordic Energy Equality Network is funded by Nordic Energy Research and aims to promote gender equality and diversity in the Nordic energy sector.

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