Can one region influence the global aviation industry? The Nordic countries have serious ambitions to reduce the carbon footprint of flying and hope to pilot others towards fossil free and guiltfree air travel. Find out more on this subject, when Nordic Energy Research and Nordic Innovation are organizing an event on environmentally and socially sustainable aviation at COP26.

Time and place

On November 8 at 09.15–10.00 (GMT), you are welcome to gain insight into the challenging but crucial plans to decarbonize flying. The Nordics are about to get blend-in requirements for sustainable aviation fuels, and several countries and airline companies are considering the use of electric aircrafts – either batteries or hydrogen/fuel cells. This agenda does not only have positive effects on the environment, but other aspects too.

Our COP26 event is divided into two parts. The first part takes place in Glasgow, while the second one is in Helsinki, but whether or not you are on the spot, you’ll be able to follow the whole event online.

Innovation, policy, and action

Part 1 revolves around Research and Policy. Niels Buus Kristensen, Chief Research Economist at Institute of Transport Economics (TØI) will present “Policy options for Nordic Aviation in a global context”, and Arvid Løken, Senior Adviser at Avinor AS, will talk about “Blend-in mandate”.

Part 2 deals with Innovation and Action. Maria Fiskerud, Chief of Sustainability & Communications at Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA), will explain “How innovation action and collaboration across the aviation value chain can transform the industry”, and Tor Skoglund, Project Leader at Nordic Drone Initiative, will deal with “How innovative use of lower airspace can contribute to decarbonization and benefit the wider society”.

These presentations will be followed by a Q&A with the audience, and a panel discussion based on the question “Can the Nordic make a difference?”.

We hope that the event will demonstrate how the Nordic aviation industry intend to cut emissions and tackle questions about flying electric and without shame.

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  • Niels Buus Kristensen, Chief Research Economist at TØI
  • Maria Fiskerud, Chief of Sustainability & Communications at BRA
  • Arvid Løken, Senior Adviser at Avinor AS
  • Tore Skoglund, Project Manager at Nordic Drone Initiative