After the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETPartnership) Joint Call 2023 deadline on November 22, a total of 206 pre-proposals were submitted. Nordic Energy Research acts as Call Management for the CETPartnership, and upon analyzing the figures for this year’s call, the number of pre-proposals has nearly doubled compared to the previous year.

Nordic participation

In this year’s call, a broad range of nationalities are collaborating as partners and coordinators within various segments of the energy sector. Nordic countries represent a significant part of the overall contributions, as 111 pre-proposals (54%) included participants from a Nordic country.

Project coordinators

Examining the figures more closely, we observe heightened participation from Nordic countries in the role as project coordinator in the Joint Call 2023. 45 of the pre-proposals (22%) have a Nordic coordinator and Denmark, Iceland, and Sweden have more project coordinators this year, compared to the year before.

Significant number of Swedish partners

In the Joint Call 2023, there are a total of 1 133 participating partners, with 263 (23%) being from the Nordic region. This marks a notable rise from the 170 Nordic partners involved in the previous year’s call.

Among the Nordic countries, Sweden stands out with 118 partners participating in the Joint Call 2023. Another noteworthy observation is that the Faroe Islands participate for the first time, with two Faroese partners.

Nordic Energy Research is pleased to see Nordic countries doing so well in the CETPartnership. Nordic participation in the CETPartnership is an integral part for leveraging regional strengths, fostering collaboration, and driving collective action towards the shared goal of a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape.

Fredrik Lundström, Programme Manager at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Fredrik Lundström is Programme Manager at the Swedish Energy Agency, one of the numerous funding organizations affiliated with CETPartnership. He emphasizes the importance of Nordic involvement:”By supporting research and innovation projects, The Clean Energy Transition Partnership Joint Call 2023 enables countries to meet their shared ambition of carbon neutrality. Nordic participation in this partnership offers an opportunity to meet societal challenges, by overcoming a fragmented research and innovation landscape through transnational collaboration.”

Next steps

In December, the Call Management worked on ensuring an objective and fair evaluation process for all proposals. This involves assigning experts to the different proposals, conducting eligibility checks, and coordinating the evaluation of the individual proposals. On 25 January 2024, eligible applicants are invited to the full-proposal stage. We are looking forward to the outcome, as well as the year ahead.