In partnership with Shetland Islands Council, Nordic Energy Research and the Scottish Government invite interested to join the next meeting of the Net Zero Islands Network.

The event takes place in Lerwick, Shetland on May 16-17 – Check out the preliminary program below.

The purpose of the event is to facilitate exchange of knowledge between Scottish and Nordic experts on the challenges and ambitions that Scottish and Nordic regions share in harnessing the low carbon energy potential of islands. The event and the Net Zero Islands Network also seek to create opportunities for longer-term co-operation, with a view to accelerating decarbonization and raising awareness of the islands’ possible role as innovation hubs.

The program of the event will feature a combination of keynote speeches, panel discussions and site visits. The participants will be introduced to the Scottish Government’s work to establish at least six fully carbon neutral islands by 2040 and learn about Shetland’s clean energy transition – including its ambitious plans to combine onshore and offshore wind, tidal and wave energy to generate electricity and power hydrogen production.

To establish a truly two-way discussion and exchange of knowledge, there will also be an opportunity for Nordic speakers to talk about the work they are carrying out in their home communities.

Check out the preliminary program below. We will share more information with you as soon as speakers and site visits are confirmed.

If you consider attending the next meeting of Net Zero Islands Network, please contact:

Please note that each participant is responsible for their own transport and hotel reservations.