Nordic Energy Research is issuing a call for proposals for research projects within the joint Baltic-Nordic Energy Research Program.

The thematic scope of the call is limited to one (or more) of the four areas of key interest for the Baltic-Nordic Energy Research Program:

  • Decarbonisation of the transport sector
  • Energy efficiency in buildings and industry
  • Energy system analysis
  • Challenges and opportunities for regional electricity grids

The scope of the call covers technical/natural sciences and social science-based research on energy. These projects should aim to address research questions from a Baltic-Nordic perspective, and to focus on regional perspectives or to solve questions that will result in added Baltic-Nordic knowledge. The research questions should support the Nordic Vision 2030, to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world, and Baltic objectives 2030 based on National energy and climate plans (NECP documents). The outcomes of the projects should indicate which actions are suggested to be taken by the Baltic-Nordic region as a whole, to solve the common challenges in energy.

Financial framework

This call of 5,25 million NOK aims to support three research projects of up to two years in length.

Each project can be eligible for funding of up to 1,75 MNOK for the project period (up to 2 years).

Read the full call text and apply.

NERs standard contract can be found here.