Nordic Energy Research invites applicants to submit their proposals for the tender “Capacity – and Flexibility Markets – an overview of different possible designs with their advantages and disadvantages”.

The aim of the study is to contribute to an informed and coordinated Nordic implementation of the European regulation on capacity mechanisms and flexibility support schemes. The study shall analyse advantages and disadvantages of different designs and how they work regarding to the integrated cross border electricity markets and how those two markets/mechanisms can work together.

The study should address how those potential new capacity – and flexibility markets could be designed to address the above mentioned questions and what are their advantages and disadvantages from a Nordic perspective.

Submission deadline is 29 July 2024 at 13:00 (CEST).

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The EU responed to the energy crises, with a review of the Electricity Market Regulation 2019/943, changing the provision on capacity markets in article 21 and introducing the new instrument of “flexibility support scheme” in article 19.

In a Nordic context, there is a growing realization that the changing and evolving market conditions, particularly the process to find a “new” balance between higher demand and higher supply, will make it difficult to ensure acceptable levels of firm capacity in combination with flexibility to ensure security of supply. How should the green transition be managed without risking a stable fossil free electricity supply? The considerable amount of new infrastructure for electricity production will be costly. How can the necessary investments be triggered in a cost-efficient way to ensure not only a stable but also a competitive fossil free electricity supply?

Assignment and available funding

The available budget is 1 100 000 NOK.

Nordic Energy Research acts as the contracting partner on behalf of the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Energy Policies.

For further information about the tender, please contact Senior Adviser Andrea Stengel.