The Electricity Market Group (EMG) under the Nordic Council of Ministers invites applicants to apply for a tender concerning energy poverty in the Nordic countries. 

The main objectives of the tender are to concretize the definition(s) of energy poverty; quantify energy poverty in the Nordic countries according to the definition(s); and discuss lessons learned, best practices and tools to reduce energy poverty.

In the context of the EU directive 2019/944: Article 2, point 48: ‘energy poverty’ is defined as: a household’s lack of access to essential energy services that provide basic levels and decent standards of living and health, including adequate heating, hot water, cooling, lighting, and energy to power appliances. In the relevant national context, this definition refers to existing social policy and other relevant policies, caused by a combination of factors, including but not limited to non-affordability, insufficient disposable income, high energy expenditure and poor energy efficiency of homes.

Today’s extraordinary situation has spurred joint efforts to protect consumers during the winter 2022/2023. The project shall address the medium and longer term, where there is a need to identify and target support to particularly vulnerable groups, as untargeted support measures are costly for public budgets.

 The final deadline for applying is 21 April at 13:00 (CET).

Access the full tender text on Doffin

Access the full tender text on TED

Questions regarding the tender can be forwarded to Senior Adviser Maj Dang Trong or Adviser Marton Leander Vølstad until deadline. 

The tender is funded by Nordic Council of Ministers. It is a result of the interest in gathering knowledge on the impacts that the emergency market intervention measures will have on the Nordic electricity market and the Nordic stakeholders’ reaction in that regard. 

Nordic Energy Research acts as the contracting partner on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers and has prepared the tender description in co-operation with EMG. 

Read more about Nordic Energy Research’s role in relation to EMG here.