Baltic Carbon Forum 2015

The third Baltic Carbon Forum will be held in Warsaw October 29-30th 2015, focusing on visions and barriers for CCS in the Baltic Sea Region. There will be a number of high profile presentations from BASREC and CBSS, the Nordic Energy Research Programme, Poland, Bellona and of course, from members of the Network and its Task Forces.

We will learn about the Baltic21 program, the Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives (and the proposed role of CCS in the Nordic countries), the EU SET-plan (Strategic Energy Technology) and an Executable Plan for enabling CCS in Europe in service of the global climate change abatement. In addition projects and plans for the future networking process will be discussed.

Svend Søyland from Nordic Energy Research will be speaking about CCS in the Nordic Countries.

Please find more information about the programme HERE.

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Location: Ministry of Economy, Plac Trzech Krzyży 3/5, 00-507 Warsaw, Poland