Energy Dialogue for the Baltic Sea Region

The conference will adress the challenges related to energy security and energy efficiency in the Baltic Sea Region, taking into account international commitments on sustainable development and challenges of low economic growth. The conference will aim at coupling the regional energy vision with a tangible way forward involving both the public and private sector. In doing so, the conference will draw on the Nordic experience with regional energy co-operation, effectiveness and interconnectivity and exchange best practices within the framework of the common vision of NB8.

The conference is part of the Danish priorities for NB8 in 2015 and the Baltic Development Forum’s initiative to launch an energy dialogue in the Baltic Sea Region. It will act as a platform for discussion between government representatives, business and regional organisations on the challenges ahead in regional energy security as well as possible solutions.

What are the visions and potential for collaboration on energy in the Baltic Sea Region? How are the EU-goals and initiatives  aligned with regional priorities with regards to energy security, interconnectivity across borders, energy efficiency and diversification of supply? Join us for a half day conference in Copenhagen together with high level government representatives from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Please confirm your participation before 24 April 2015 by sending a reply to Viktoria Nilsson, Baltic Development Forum,, +45 60 21 85 80.

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Location: Eigtveds Pakhus, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asiatisk Plads 2G, Copenhagen