Fossilfritt Flyg-dagarna 2045, 25-26 September 2019 Karlstad, Sweden

Fossilfritt Flyg-dagarna is organised by Fossilfritt Flyg 2045 established in 2018 by; RISA, SAS, and Swedvia The event is sponsored by the Swedish Energy Agency and Region Värmland.

Fossilfritt Flyg 2045 is a meeting place and network for collaboration and common understanding, to expedite the transition towards fossil-free aviation. The event will discuss needed conditions to achieve fossil-free aviation by 2030. There will be breakout sessions on; Technology readyness, financing, business models and needed political frameworks. How can regional ecosystems support the transition to fossil-free aviation?

Participant will also be offered the opportunity to hear of recent development on electric aviation including a presentation of the Swedish/American startup called Heart Areospace.

Link to the full programme and sign-up details.

Svend Søyland from Nordic Energy Research will together with NISA speak at the breakout session on international developments  highlighting Nordic opportunities to assume a leadership position and become an early market for sustainable aviation.

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Location: Karlstad