Global Opportunity Panel

The Global Opportunity Panel is a key source of insights and content to the Global Opportunity Report – an annual report demonstrating that in every risk there is opportunity, and that every true opportunity is sustainable, meaning that they are chances to create long term value for society, not just short term profit.

The first version of the Global Opportunity Report was launched on January 20th 2015, in Zürich. You can download the report or read it online from the website The report is targeted towards opinion formers and decision makers who are actively engaged in, and shaping, the dialogue on how we handle sustainability challenges.

Opportunity Panel

The Global Opportunity Report will be inspired by Opportunity Panels meeting in eight cities on five continents (Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Delhi, Johannesburg, London, Oslo, San Francisco and São Paulo). Each panel will consists of 25-30 creative, innovative, and solution-oriented decision makers and influencers from Business, Academia, Public Sector and Civil Society.

The panels play a vital part of the process by securing global input for the analysis. At the workshop you will be presented with 5 global risks, and we will collaborate on identifying opportunities for each of the risks. Following the 8 panels around the world, the 15 best opportunities will be selected to be featured in a global survey testing the confidence they inspire across the globe. The 15 final opportunities and the results of the global survey will then be presented in the next Global Opportunity Report to be launched early in 2016.

The panel will be organised as a half day workshop, with both facilitated discussions and dialogue with the other participants.

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Location: DNV GL, Veritasveien 1, Høvik, Norway