CONFERENCE Nordic view on the role of new storage technologies in decarbonising energy systems – Hydrogen

Business sector, politicians, researchers, energy experts are invited to join the conference on the 19th September, 2019.

The purpose of this conference is to facilitate good exchange of information and views among governments and business stakeholders in the Nordic region. Business leaders will highlight current possibilities and challenges of establishing sustainable new value chains. A special focus throughout the conference will be to identify common interests in order to explore opportunities for further Nordic cooperation and research and demonstration activities in the field.

Experts will provide up to date insight on the energy transition and the potential role storage technologies like power to x and hydrogen can play in it. What is needed to achieve scale? Finally, high-level policymakers will present their country’s view on the current and future role of new technologies.

The conference is organized by DI Energy, the Danish Energy Association and Nordic Energy Research.

VENUE: Danish Industry, Copenhagen


Please note that non-Danish companies will NOT have their email address recognised. Use blue link to register instead!

Programme 19. september

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Location: Industriens Hus, Copenhagen