Offshore wind farms as joint projects

Venue: Nordic Sea Hotel, close to Stockholm central station

The Nordic Working Group for Renewable Energy has the pleasure to invite you to a Workshop on Offshore Wind Farms as Joint Projects.

The Nordic Working Group has initiated a follow-up study to previous activities regarding exploring the use of co-operation mechanisms in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive in a Nordic context. The aim of the follow-up study is to explore ways to promote offshore wind power projects in the Nordic countries through the cooperation mechanism “joint projects”. And thereby increase understanding of the issue among stakeholders in the Nordic countries as well as in other EU countries.

The objective of the workshop is to share and discuss the preliminary results of the mid term report on “Offshore wind farms as joint projects” prepared by THEMA Consulting Group. THEMA has been assigned with the task to carry out the study and prepare the workshop. THEMA will be providing the material for discussion before and at the workshop.

We hope, you will be able to attend the workshop in order to capture valuable input from the organisation/company, which you represent.


-Nordic offshore wind in a European context
-Joint projects in practice
-Group work and plenary discussion

Group Work

The group work will utilise the wide expertise of the participants and stimulate discussion of the challenges and issues raised in the workshop. The group work is expected to make valuable input to the final report on “Offshore wind farms as joint projects” due in beginning of June 2013.

The Nordic Working Group for Renewable Energy would like to invite you for lunch during the workshop. Please indicate if you will attend the lunch.

Please send your registration by e-mail no later than Monday the 8th of April 2013 to:


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Location: Stockholm