Report launch at CPH: Nordic Gas To Liquids – synthetic fuel for the Aviation Industry.

Nordic Gas To Liquid – a pre-feasibility study on sustainable aviation fuel from biogas, hydrogen and CO2

At Copenhagen Airport 29th October 13-15.00 a new pre-study regarding production of electrofuels, the future green fuel for aviation will be presented.

After six months of research into the technological and market perspectives, researchers can now present what it would take to establish an optimal framework for initiate production of synthetic fuel for the aviation industry. Gas-to-liquids (GTL) can be produced from either biogas, hydrogen combined with CO2 as raw input material.

The report “Nordic GTL – a pre-feasibility study on sustainable aviation fuel from biogas, hydrogen and CO2“, provide a thorough pre-analysis of where we stand today, the technical possibilities (TRL) and the economy of various types of plant will be presented.

The Principal of the study, Professor Henrik Wenzel from Syd Danske Universitet (SDU) will review the report’s main findings and recommendations – with subsequent opportunities for questions and comments. The analysis indicates that this path to future aviation fuel is promising. The technology is ready to be implemented. Production of electrofuels can generate process heat that could replace district heating from a coal-fired co-generation plant. By taking advantage of all synergies, the economy looks promising and the fuel could become close to CO2 neutral.

The report was prepared by; SDU, Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation (NISA) and NIRAS. This study was funded by Nordic Energy Research,  Nature Energy, Danish Aviation, CPH, Amager Resource Center, Danish Energy and SAS. with in-kind contributions from NISA and SDU.

If you want to attend this event, please contact Martin Porsgaard, NISA (+46 52198910) or

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Location: Copenhagen Airport, Lufthavnsboulevarden 6 Kastrup Denmark