Towards a Nordic New Climate Economy

Seminar and dinner reception

Hosted by Ambassador Kai Eide

The global New Climate Economy (NCE) report “Better Growth, Better Climate”, demonstrated how climate action can be combined with better economic policies and strategies. It has been picked up at high levels of government all over the world. Momentum keeps building up for Paria and COP21, and NCE analysis of economic opportunity associated with climate action has helped to shift the global debate. The Nordic region is ideal for learning lessons about climate-smart economic and sectoral  strategies. We see great potential for strengthening  the NCE approach, narrative and evidence base at the Nordic level. The opportunities and interests will be discussed in a Nordic New Climate Economy Initiative.

The event is organised by the Stockholm Environment Institute in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy  in Stockholm and is by invitation only.


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Location: Royal Norwegian Embassy, Skarpögatan 4, 115 27 Stockholm, Sweden