Integrating energy sufficiency into modelling of sustainable energy scenarios (IntSuf) will integrate sufficiency aspects into energy modelling tools that have been applied for development of sustainable energy scenarios.

Fact box

Integrating energy sufficiency into modelling of sustainable energy scenarios

Acronym: IntSuf
Duration: 01.01.2020 – 31.03.2022
Funding: 1 450 000 NOK
Project owner: Aalborg University
Project manager: Michael Søgaard Jørgensen
Project partners: INFORSE Europe, Green Liberty, Lithuanian Energy Institute
Observers: AirClim, Naturvernforbundet, Stockholm Environment Institute – Tallinn Office, The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation
Webpage: None

Programme Administration

Kevin Johnsen

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Project results

Systematisation of experiences with energy sufficiency initiatives

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Integration of sufficiency into energy modelling tools

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Development of revised national sustainable energy scenarios

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National policy dialogues in Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania

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Development of Nordic-Baltic competence and experience sharing of energy sufficiency

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About IntSuf

In order to ensure adequate action in relation to the objectives in the Paris Agreement, the Nordic and Baltic countries have to define clear 2050 decarbonisation and energy transition strategies. Sustainable energy scenarios often built upon a supply-side with increasing amounts of renewable energy, and a demand-side building upon increasing efficiency in cars, buildings etc. However, the demand side is…
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