“It’s time to act”, as last year’s winner of the Nordic Energy Challenge, Simon Vilms Pedersen puts it in the video above.

The Nordic countries have a unique and long-standing cooperation on energy, which has created a solid foundation for the development of a sustainable and secure energy supply in the region. Now, it is time to take the next step in enhancing Nordic cooperation on sustainable transport.

Transport is the sector that requires the largest emissions reductions for the Nordic region to achieve carbon neutrality. It is also considered one of the most difficult sectors to decarbonize, due to, among other things, the need for alternative fuels, efficient integration of energy systems, new infrastructure and modal shifts in transport, as well as coherent policies to combine these elements. Simultaneously, an array of barriers must be overcome regarding legal and regulatory aspects, safety and social acceptance, as well as structural challenges related to finance, procurement and market development that affect large-scale deployment of sustainable solutions.

Nordic Energy Research aims to promote innovative research, new ideas and interesting perspectives on sustainable transport which, in turn, can bring added value to the Nordic region. 

Submit your game-changing proposal for the Nordic cooperation needed to decarbonize the transport sector.