Strategy for a harmonised Nordic retail market

The Nordic Energy Regulators (NordREG) has worked towards a common harmonised retail market for some time. The work has been funded by the national NRAs until 2011 when the Nordic Energy Ministers decided to help fund the work for a four year period. These funds have been used for hiring a full time employee who has coordinated the work by NordREG, chaired task forces, managed projects and drafted documents. The funding has been an important and welcome addition and constitutes a third of the total funding during the last four year period.

Author: Marielle Liikanen (Project Manager), Ei; Ivar Clausen Munch, NVE; Mari Salo, EV; Jan H. Pedersen, DERA; Peder Söderlund, Coordinator Nordic Energy Research
Publish date: 2014-09-09
Language: English

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