The Swedish government’s parliamentary advisers on climate targets have recommended that Sweden goes carbon negative from 2045 onwards. In its new recommendations (from 26 march) the group of Swedish Parliamentarians (Miljömålsberedningen) set out clear targets for the society over the next 34 years.

Based on the Paris Agreement from December 2015, the Parlimentarians suggest the following targets:

  • By the year 2045, Sweden will have no net emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, and then achieve negative emissions. The target is more ambitious and provides clarification to the earlier vision of net-zero-emission 2050.
  • By the year 2045, emissions from operations in the Swedish territory, in accordance with Sweden’s international greenhouse gas reporting, shall be at least 85 percent lower than in 1990. To achieve this goal also capture and storage of carbon dioxide (CCS) from fossil origin where reasonable alternatives will be considered as a measure.
  • Additional measures to achieve net-zero emissions may be counted in accordance with internationally agreed rules.
  • The objective for 2045 assumes higher ambitions in the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS).

The combination of carbon capture and storage and bioenergy (Bio-CCS) has received special attention in the recommendations. It says that the 1,5 target is depedent upon the extensive development and application of Bio-CCS.

Read the recommendations here (in Swedish).