Big2Great is the winner of a study investigating the impact of energy-labelling and eco-design in the Nordic countries. The project will be conducted in close collaboration with the Nordsyn group, which is the initiator of the project funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

The project named “Effect Calculation Update 2023” will contribute to generating more reliable saving figures for each country in the Nordic region.

The project adopts a two-sided approach to robustly calculate the effect of the eco-design and energy-labelling directives on energy savings within the Nordic countries, building on prior calculations. 

Kasper Mogensen, project manager at Big2Great, explains the two approaches:

“The first methodology employed is the top-down model. This model involves the utilisation of a ‘downscaling factor,’ which translates the total EU savings data to a country-specific scale. In this updated project, additional data is gathered by conducting a survey on household heating practices. Simultaneously, a bottom-up model is employed to reinforce the foundation of the energy savings calculation. This model operates in the opposite direction to the top-down model. It involves simulating the impact of energy regulations on the market by analysing how the regulations have changed what is sold over time.”

The subsequent assignment entails critically analysing the resulting savings using both methods. Valuable insights are obtained by calculating the savings per household for products pivotal to residential consumption.