For the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Nordsyn working group, comprising ecodesign and energy labelling authorities across the Nordic countries, reconvened physically on 23–24 August in Helsinki.

Nordic Energy Research’s Senior Adviser Maj Dang Trong and Adviser Jacob Munch, who administrate the Nordsyn group, attended the meeting on site. The central focus of the meeting was to enhance ecodesign and energy labelling policies and to advance sustainable practices within the region.

During the event, the Nordsyn group gained valuable perspectives on effective market surveillance strategies. This encompassed informative presentations on compliance support services and the outcomes achieved through ecodesign and energy labelling initiatives. The discussions also delved into pertinent policy considerations, notably the intricacies of the Nordic electricity system and the dynamic landscape of EU regulations pertaining to demand-side flexibility.

Ecodesign and sustainable product regulation emerged as key focal points, revealing opportunities for collaboration and tactics to streamline upcoming market surveillance endeavors. Through these constructive exchanges, the Nordsyn group reasserted its commitment to collective environmental stewardship and the harmonization of energy practices throughout the Nordic region.

The meeting featured presentations from various experts and members of Nordsyn, including:

  • Lisbeth Nielsen, Senior Adviser at the Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Thore Stenfeldt, Adviser at the Danish Energy Agency
  • Jussi Matilainen, Unit Manager at Fingrid
  • Line Nyegaard, Project Manager at Elvia
  • Jakob Wulff Andersen, Adviser at the Danish Energy Agency
  • Eriika Melkas, Senior specialist at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
  • Simon Michaux, Associate Professor at the Geological Survey of Finland

Furthermore, Kirsti Hind Fagerlund, Senior Adviser at the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate as well as Chair of Nordsyn, found the meeting reinforcing for prospects ahead:

“Our workshop demonstrated that Nordsyn is heading in the right direction. We draw inspiration from each country’s work on ecodesign and energy labelling.”


In 2023, Nordic Energy Research assumed the role of secretariat for the Nordsyn working group, taking over from the Swedish Energy Agency (SWEA). As the new secretariat, Nordic Energy Research is responsible for coordinating the collaborative efforts of Nordsyn and for facilitating co-operation among Nordic countries’ ecodesign and energy labelling authorities.

The Nordsyn working group is a Nordic collaborative project around market control and policy for ecodesign and energy labelling requirements. The main function of Nordsyn is to promote and strengthen the Nordic authorities in the work with ecodesign and energy labelling, and an effective market surveillance in the Nordic countries. The collaboration takes place both through continuous contact and joint projects. Nordsyn produces important documents that are presented to the EU Commission to ensure that the ecodesign and energy labelling requirements are well balanced for the Nordic countries.