Nordic Energy Research has travelled through the Nordics, talking to thought leaders and exploring Nordic examples of renewable energy source co-operation. These talks and site visits resulted in eight corporate films, that each focus on a specific issue among our many and diverse activities. The films are produced in collaboration with Thought Leader Global.

Natalie Bridgette Becker-Aakervik, Partner, and Producer at Thought Leader Global.

The eight issues in focus are:

  • Benefits of a joint Nordic electricity market
  • Carbon capture and storage in a Nordic context
  • District heating and cooling in the Nordics
  • Financing of the green transition – in a Nordic and global perspective
  • Green transport in the Nordics
  • Off grid and decentralized energy systems in the Nordics
  • Renewable energy and public participation in the Nordics
  • Wind power in the Nordics

Watch the eight films here.