This year, you can meet Nordic Energy Research at all the Scandinavian democracy festivals. We will host sessions about the potential for a Nordic position of strength within hydrogen, focusing on the different areas of specialisation that the Nordic countries can bring.

Special focus on hydrogen and hydrogen valleys

All five Nordic countries want to invest in hydrogen based on renewable energy. This is specifically emphasised as a cornerstone in national strategies for the industrial and maritime sectors. To achieve these ambitious goals, the development of hydrogen value chains, from renewable energy production to end users, is essential. This will enable hydrogen to be used in heavy industry, maritime transport, and, not least, as an export product to our European neighbours. Our events at this year’s festivals focus on nation strengths and how they can contribute to a Nordic position of strength. We will present early results from our report, “Mapping Nordic Hydrogen Valleys“, which will be launched in full this autumn.

Are you interested in Nordic energy cooperation, joint Nordic research, or are you looking for a Nordic perspective on energy issues? Please reach out to us or meet us at “Nordens tält” in Bornholm, Visby, and Arendal.


Photo: Andreas Omvik /

Session: Nordiske styrkepositioner inden for brint – hvilken rolle skal Danmark spille?

Date and time: Friday 14 June 12:00–12:45 (CEST)

Place: Nordens telt, stand B12, Allinge

Moderator: Claus Meineche, Head of Office for EUDP, Danish Energy Agency and member of the board, Nordic Energy Research


  • Marianne Bigum, Member of the Folketing, Vice-Chairman of The Climate, Energy and Utilities Committee, and member of the Danish delegation to the Nordic Council
  • Tejs Laustsen Jensen, CEO, Hydrogen Denmark and Chairman of the Board, Nordic Hydrogen Partnership
  • Stine Grenaa Jensen, Vice President System Development, at Energinet
  • Marie Münster, Professor in Energy System Analysis at the Technical University of Denmark and member of the Danish Council on Climate Change
  • Klaus Skytte, CEO, Nordic Energy Research

Participants from Nordic Energy Research: Klaus Skytte, CEO and Torsten Schimdt, Senior Adviser (Mapping Nordic Hydrogen Valleys report). We will be on-site from June 13 to 15.

Contact person: Torsten Schimdt


Session: En nordisk styrkeposition inom vätgas – vilken roll kan Sverige ta?

Date and time: Tuesday 25 June at 13:00–13:45 (CEST)

Place: Nordens tält, Strandvägen 4, Visby

Moderator: Marie Claesson, Programme Manager, Swedish Energy Agency, and Chair of Nordic Energy Research


  • Fredrik Olovsson, Spokesperson for Energy, Swedish Social Democratic Party
  • Björn Aronsson, Business Manager, Vätgas Sverige
  • Cecilia Wallmark, Dr., Director, Centre for Hydrogen Energy Systems Sweden, CH2ESS
  • Christer Bruzelius, Senior Partner & Project Owner, Gotland Tech Development
  • Kevin Johnsen, COO, Nordic Energy Research

Participants from Nordic Energy Research: Kevin Johnsen, COO, and Maria Eklöf, Head of Communications. We will be on-site from June 24 to 26.

Contact person: Maria Eklöf


Photo: Nils Arne Haagensen/Nordic Innovation

Session: En nordisk styrkeposisjon innen hydrogen – hvilken rolle kan Norge spille? 

Date and time: Tuesday 13 August at 10:30–11:15 (CEST)

Place: Nordens telt, near Rådhusgaten 8, Arendal

Moderator: Rune Volla, Director of the Research Council of Norway and member of the board, Nordic Energy Research

Participants from Nordic Energy Research: Kevin Johnsen, COO, and Ole Aune Ødegård, Adviser (Nordic Hydrogen Valleys as Energy Hubs Programme). We’ll be on site from 12 to 14 August.

Contact person: Ole Aune Ødegård