Nordic Energy Research is pleased to announce that CIT Renergy has been awarded the contract to perform a study that will map Nordic hydrogen valleys. The study has been commissioned by the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Energy Policy (EK-E). The overall aim of the study is to create an overview and help industries, authorities, and decision-makers strengthen existing Nordic hydrogen valleys, as well as contribute to the development of new ones. Project results are expected to be published in the autumn of 2024. 

The importance of mapping hydrogen valleys

Hydrogen is part of a value chain that spans from electricity generation to various end uses and their associated infrastructure and transportation. Work on clean hydrogen and fuels based on clean hydrogen will become more important and will play a vital role in the future energy landscape in the Nordic region, EU, and internationally. The study will encompass the development of a conceptual understanding and definition of a hydrogen valley, suited for the Nordic region. Based on that, existing and planned hydrogen valleys in the Nordic region will be mapped, and a digital tool will be created. As part of the study, drivers and barriers for the development of Nordic hydrogen valleys will be identified, and an analysis of the potential for using clean hydrogen in Arctic maritime transport will be carried out. 

Klaus Skytte, CEO, Nordic Energy Research.

“Hydrogen could become tomorrow’s new industrial adventure, on par with wind power. However, we need to act fast to reach this window of opportunity. The international competition is strong, and we need to cooperate and find Nordic solutions,” says Klaus Skytte, CEO of Nordic Energy Research.

New knowledge enables the Nordic countries to increase their cooperation on hydrogen and strengthen their international competitiveness, but it will also identify the need for regulatory reforms.

“This timely study will create a knowledge platform for making the right decisions, for exchanging experiences among Nordic stakeholders, and to promote and enhance the Nordic strengths within hydrogen value chains,” he concludes.

Ingrid Nyström, Business Area Manager, CIT Renergy.

“At CIT Renergy we are really excited about getting the opportunity to carry out this study regarding mapping hydrogen valleys in the Nordic region. In this way we can significantly contribute to the understanding of how, where and when clean hydrogen can play an important role in the green transition as an energy carrier in both industry and transportation. We are confident that the expertise we and our strong partners bring to the project, together with our methodological approach, will lead to solid and useful results, supporting the development of existing and coming hydrogen valleys in the Nordic region,” says Ingrid Nyström, Business Area Manager at CIT Renergy and leader of the project. 

Next steps

A steering group has been established to ensure national anchoring across the Nordic countries. The steering group consists of members of the Nordic Working Group on Renewable Energy and Hydrogen, representing national ministries and agencies, commissioned by the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Energy Policy under the Nordic Council of Ministers.