The overall objective of the Working Group for Renewable Energy (Arbetsgruppen för förnybar energi – AGFE) is to promote the use of renewable energy in the Nordic region and to support the Nordic countries’ work in the area. AGFE works to ensure a smooth integration of renewable energy in the energy systems and to create good conditions for technology development and innovation in the area of ​​renewable energy.

Foto: Nikolaj Bock

AGFE aims to contribute to the implementation of the Action Plan for Our Vision 2030 and the Cooperation Program for Nordic Energy Cooperation 2022–2024.

The primary focus of AGFE’s efforts shall meet a selection of the following areas:

  • Cooperation on EU legislation concerning renewable energy;
  • Support systems for renewable energy;
  • Bioenergy;
  • Cross-border trade in renewable energy, green certificates, guarantees of origin and green labels;
  • Renewable energy in sectors that have greater challenges in being decarbonised;
  • The objectives in other sector programs and presidency programs.

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