New funding opportunity for hydrogen research! Nordic hydrogen valleys as energy hubs – pathways towards 2030 – 2040.

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Phasing out of fossil fuels and feedstocks in the transport sectors and industries is an important prerequisite for fulfilling the Nordic ambition to become carbon neutral. New alternative fuels must be produced and distributed to end-users on an unprecedented scale.

“Hydrogen-based fuels are expected to be a significant energy carrier for the green transition in hard-to-abate sectors such as land-based and maritime transport. Building up the infrastructure for distribution is a massive task. Nordic Hydrogen Valleys have the potential to solve future energy challenges as they are likely to be suitable as energy hubs for land-based and maritime transport based on hydrogen, ammonia, and e-fuel energy carriers, “says Svend Søyland, Senior Adviser at Nordic Energy Research and continues;

“The Nordic countries have a unique opportunity to take a leading position and achieve competitive advantages through joint efforts in research and deployment. To speed up this transition, the joint Nordic Hydrogen Research Programme is launched on May 20, 2022.

The scope of the first call will be to address barriers and opportunities for hydrogen valleys – including ports – to become energy hubs for industries in collaboration with land-based and maritime transport. The call will encourage the involvement of industry actors and port authorities in research consortia.

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The joint Nordic Hydrogen Research Programme is funded by Nordic Energy Research together with the Norwegian Research Council, Business Finland, the Swedish Energy Agency, Danish Innovation Fund, and the Icelandic Research Fund.